School of Ministry

Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry

Ephesians 4:12

Our mission is to aggressively engage in making disciples of Jesus Christ here in Escondido. The school of ministry is intended to train men and women to be effective servants and leaders through personal discipleship, study, and practical experience. Our desire is to equip believers for the work that God has called them to as they grow into full maturity in their Christian walk (Eph. 4:11-13). 


The program requires two hours of class time per week, one to two hours of homework, and approximately one to two hours of practical service per week. Each module is 12 weeks. 
Module 1: Foundations Of Discipleship
Module 2: Calvary Chapel Disctinctives
Module 3: Inductive Bible Study
Module 4: Practical Christian Ministry & Leadership
Module 5: Outreach & Evangelism
Module 6: Church Planting & Missions


Students (disciples) can enter the program at any module. In other words, Module 4 is not dependent upon completing Modules 1-3. However, to graduate the School Of Ministry program, all modules must be completed.

Registration for classes can be done before the beginning of each module on the Events page under the date of the first class. 


1. Prayer & Devotions: We expect our students to have a personal devotional life of daily Bible reading and prayer.
2. Ministry Involvement: We expect our students (disciples) to be regularly involved in an area of ministry where you can apply the lessons that you are learning to be more effective in your ministry. Each student must serve at least 4 hours per month (average 1 hour per week).
3. Ministry Report Form: Each month you will complete a ministry report form that describes your ministry involvement in the preceding month, and what you learned about God, ministry, and yourself. Students are required to serve an average of at least one hour per week (four hours per month).
4. Reading Assignments: Every Module will have a book assigned to be read and a book report completed by the end of the last class of the module.
5. Homework: Homework, including reading assignments, will average one to two hours per week. Assignments are graded, and must be submitted in a timely manner. Late work will result in a diminished grace, and patterns of neglect may result in removal from the program.
6. Attendance: Classes typically meet once a week, and are 2 hours long. Students are expected to arrive on time, and are allowed 1 absence during a 12-week module. Classes might not be recorded, so missing a class will be missing out on the material. Students are expected to bring their Bible and take notes during class.
7. Cost: Each Module will cost $10 per student for materials and outlines, plus an additional cost for books that are required reading (typically about $10 per book per module). 


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