For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

God is not looking for ability as much as availability.

The Lord has given each of us different abilities and gifts to use for the furtherance of His work here on earth.  Unfortunately, many times we think that serving is “someone else’s responsibility”.  Actually, it’s our responsibility.  So, whether you are a graphic designer, manual laborer, entrepreneur, socialite, introvert, athlete, computer whiz, musician, tech, or you name it, God is calling you to use your gifts to serve the body of Christ.

There is a great work to be done, and we need you to be active in it.  So, pray about stepping out and serving!

Please look at the various opportunities below and fill out the Online Application to get the process started.  By turning in your application you are making yourself available, and letting the leadership of Calvary Chapel Escondido know that you would like to be considered for a position of service should the opportunity arise.

Serving Opportunities

Children's Ministry
The fastest growing need in our church is looking for people that would love to help children grow in their relationship with the Lord. We are currently looking for teachers, assistants, and nursery workers.
Welcome Team
This team is comprised of some of the friendliest, upbeat, and outgoing people welcoming people to church, showing guests around, helping people find their seats, and so much more!
Hospitality Ministry
This team has the heart to make people feel a part of the church family! Treating people special and providing coffee, snacks, and other beverages is a perfect way for people to feel at home.
Set-up/Tear-down Team
This team transforms our space into Calvary Chapel Escondido.
Media Ministry
This team utilizes creative and technical gifts including, but not limited to, running the lyrics for worship, sound, lighting, video, cameras, streaming, video editing and production, music, photography, design, film, and social media.
Worship Team
This is a team of musicians that includes vocalists, guitar, bass, drums, keys, etc., that lead us in musical worship during our services.
Prayer Team
This team is foundational of our church! The prayer team prays for our prayer requests coming into the church and is responsible for pre, during, and after service prayer as well as follow up counseling for new believers.
Security Team
The unsung heroes of Calvary Chapel Escondido keeping the children, guests, and campus safe.
These trusted servants help with the administrative aspects of the church, such as bookkeeping, financial aspects of the church, liability, as well as other behind the scenes areas.

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