Making disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Calvary Chapel Escondido is passionate about missions. Our desire is to aggressively engage in sharing the gospel of God’s grace with the world and making disciples of Jesus Christ throughout the nations, which is why we started Calvary Missions. The focus of Calvary Missions is to train up and equip missionaries and church planters so that we can send them out to the nations.

We believe that every Christian is a "missionary" sent by Jesus (John 20:21), and that wherever God calls us to live geographically, we are to live intentionally in our communities as witnesses for Christ (Acts 1:8), whether here in North County San Diego or oversees in another nation. We also believe that the local church is to financially support those that are called to foreign missions as an extension of the local church. At Calvary Chapel Escondido, we support those that we are connected to us through relationships, and we are committed to devoting 10% of our tithes & offerings toward world missions and church planting, whether it be in years of plenty or times when finances are lean. We currently give monthly financial support to 5 families (Stephen & Pat Apple; Bond & Heather Gaona; Daniel & Ana Jones; Shilo & Racquell Stratton; David & Linda Shirley), and give prayer support to other Missionary Friends, and at times financially as we are able.

Getting Involved:

1. Pray for our Missionaries & Missionary Friends
2. Check out their websites and social media links to see what’s going on
3. Send them an email or comment on social media to encourage them
4. Take a short-term trip to help out

Encourage our missionaries

Write an encouragement, question, or prayer, and we'll connect you via email.